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The Chapter of Illinois Beta, being over 150 years old, contains endless years of memories.  Over this vast time period, the world has clearly seen a lot of changes.  Changes have been realized at the University of Chicago, our Chapter of Illinois Beta, and many other areas relating to our fraternity.

It's amazing and inspiring to view the different eras of our Chapter and to perceive the unique memories Alumni have had.  Our Chapter looks forward to gaining new Alumni over the years and developing memories along the way.  Enjoy the photos!

Capital Campaign

The Chapter house, residing at 5625 South University Avenue in Chicago, IL, is the home of Illinois Beta. Thanks to the support of our Alumni, a complete reconstruction of the interior of the house began March 1, 2021!

The Chapter is beyond grateful for the house because having it substantially increases bonding among the Brothers. With a house, the active Chapter is well defined and can feel a deep connection to the Alumni, who similarly had resided in this facility.

The house will be open to the Chapter this Fall 2021.  Although a lot of progress has been made, more support is needed to complete the finishing of this beautiful house.


For more information, please reach out to Capital Campaign Chair:

George Woodbury Jr.

University fo Chicago BA '83 MD '87

+1 (901) 485-4692

Screen Shot 2021-08-22 at 10.57.15 PM.png

United By The Bond

Since the beginning, every Brother of our Chapter has been through the same initiation process and signed The Bond of Phi Delta Theta.  We are united by the principles of this secretive fraternity.

We are undoubtedly grateful for our Alumni base.  By supporting our Chapter House reconstruction and providing us with immersive history lessons of our fraternity, our Alumni have continued to propel our Chapter into the future. 


We shall ever relish in the rich history of our Chapter and strive to keep our Chapter integrated throughout the generations.

Famous Phi Delts


Alex Seropian

Founder of Halo

University of Chicago, 1991


Neil Armstrong

First man to step on the Moon

Purdue University, 1955


Benjamin Harrison

23rd President of the United Staes

 Miami University, 1852


Lou Gehrig

MLB Hall of Fame​

Columbia University, 1925


Burt Reynolds

Famous Actor & Golden Globe Winner

Florida State, 1958

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