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Rebuilding the Phi Delta Theta, IL Beta Chapter House!

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

The Summer of 2021 has been an exciting time for our Chapter. Located in the Hyde Park neighborhood of The University of Chicago, the house of our beloved Chapter has sat vacant for the past 4 years. During the last several months, this house has gone from a vacant shell to a developed facility, nearing occupancy. The great strides that have been made towards these renovations can be seen in the construction timeline below!

Some Facts

  • Home of our Chapter the past 60+ years

  • Located at 5625 S University Ave Chicago, IL 60637

  • Over 104 years old and still contains some of the original interior architecture to prove it

  • 7,000+ Square Footage

Timeline of Construction

Huge developments have been made over the span of this momentous project. This collection of photographic slideshows delivers exciting evidence to the process underway!

Before Construction


June - July




House Walkthrough 07/27/2021

A Collaborative Rebirth

Several parties involved are owed our Chapter's utmost gratitude for the success of this project.

Our first thanks goes out to our Alumni for helping rebuild our Chapter in its entirety and making generous donations for our Chapter House. Simply put, this project will not exist without them.

Second thanks goes out to the Palmer Foundation of our General Headquarters for loaning 2.5 million dollars for this project.

Finally. much gratefulness is due to the construction team that has made everything happen. This project has been long and stressful, considering it is a completely new renovation during an unfortunately unprecedented time. As the construction nears its end, it is amazing to look back at all the work that has been done.

We are excited and thankful for everything! Come stroll by the house soon and Roll Phi!

By Zack Fattore Ch. President (2021) IL Beta 1447


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