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Milo Last-Yuen


Major: Philosophy

Year: 3rd

Hometown: Charlottesville, VA

I joined Phi Delta Theta in the fall of 2021. Throughout the year since then, Phi Delt
has been the basis for some of my best friendships and most fun memories. I have
particularly enjoyed spending time in the newly renovated house. The brotherhood
of this Chapter was one of the primary reasons I joined, and it provides welcome
stability and comradery during my time at college. I am looking forward to helping
maintain and grow this brotherhood in my remaining time here and working towards
making the chapter one of the best on campus for those that follow me.

Beyond Phi Delt, I am a pre-law student currently planning my B.A. thesis in
philosophy for next year. On-campus, I am involved with the club squash team and
am the treasurer of the Esports club. In my free time I enjoy reading, video games,
working out, and going to metal concerts.

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